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Namaste and Warm Greetings

Welcome to the Land of Himalayas and Birthplace of Lord Buddha

Famous as Paradise in Earth– Nepal is small landlocked country with beautiful landscapes and people. Huge diversity of natural and cultural treasures can be witnessed during travelling in Nepal. Born legacy of great warriors “Gurkhas”– Nepalese are also famous for kindness and true hospitality where guests are regarded as “God”.  

We are based in countryside of Mulpani village at outskirts of Kathmandu Valley-free from city hustle and bustle- conveniently located on access of public transportation. Travelers can take a quick look at the typical Nepalese daily lifestyle. We would like to establish a HOUSE, where you can enjoy your peaceful stay near nature and local people. Like, Home Away from Home. Apart from the busy city activities and events, allow you to learn or explore general living where the kids playing in the street or people harvesting/cultivating in their land, the fresh air and several methods of living style. Our furnished accommodation, tranquil garden, peaceful surroundings, traveler’s facilities/amenities and friendly nature house members hope to cater best service to make your holiday worth and cherished with beautiful memories of Nepal back home.

Nepal Earthquake 11:56 NST, April 25, 2015 – Tragedy of twin massive earthquake of 7.8 and 7.3 magnitude and recurring aftershocks had claimed thousands lives and billions worth loss. More than 9000 deaths and 23,000 injured with 8 million displaced. In this time of despair and needs, Nepal needs support to overcome the disaster damage. While the situation was getting normal, another great challenge of Massive Fuel Crisis emerges soon after Nepalese enjoyed long stalled constitution in 20 September 2015. While the massive devastation had sorrowed millions of lives, the current scarcity of fuels & gasoline products have hit hard to lives of Nepalese people. The unofficial Indian border blockade since 23 September has created a huge economic disruption in the country and general people alike. But never-mind, we still have so much to boast about and truly, there are several destinations still unexplored and intact.

If you are thinking of travelling anytime soon then we would like you to re-think about your travel destination 2016.  The best way to HELP recover the catastrophe is by including “Nepal” under your 2016 travel bucket list. Despite all the ruins and crisis, it is safe to travel Nepal and still there are much more to be explored. Your contribution can assist to restore Nepal- Adobe of diverse nature and culture beauty.          

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Tranquil House is far located from the bustling city of Kathmandu; we tend to provide mentioned services which might ease up staying in our home.

  • 1 Mbps bandwidth Wi- Fi throughout each rooms, hall and garden for your homework and social communication
  • Concierge Service with helpful members to ease your stay
  • Small library case in Hall for readers and travel enthusiast for enjoyment and travel updates
  • Television with multi channel cable in Hall to entertain yourself with sports, drama or world news
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Client Testimonials

The place to stay to experience nepal with the best people on Earth as staff!

The place to stay to experience nepal with the best people on Earth as staff!

This is the best hotel in Nepal. The people are amazing and will do anything to help anyone local or there guests. You cannot ask for this level of service and kindness as you would never get it anywhere else! The garden read more

Mitchell, United Kingdom